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The sooner you size up your dominant investor personality – Bird Dog, Wholesaler or Retailer – the sooner you can get on the career track that is most profitable for you. Here’s why:

Many people new to real estate investing start out on the Bird Dog path, finding potential deals and selling the information to other investors in return for referral fees. Quick cash payments earned by a Bird Dog can produce substantial part-time income.

As investors gain experience, they can take a different direction on the Wholesaler path. A Wholesaler not only locates distressed properties, but also takes control of them with a binding purchase contract. A Wholesaler can sell a property outright, or sell the contract to another investor. Either way, a Wholesaler has greater profit potential but is not involved in property renovation or rehabbing.

On the Retailer path, the investor usually buys properties from a Wholesaler or with the assistance of a Bird Dog. The goal of a Retailer is to renovate or rehab the property so that it can be sold for full retail price. A Retailer puts up the most money and has the most risk – but also stands to make the largest profit.

The ProfitableProperty Two-Minute Real Estate Investor’s Personality Test is based on more than a decade of successful real estate investing experience in the Washington, D.C. area. In just two minutes, our test can get your real estate investing career going in the right direction.

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