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“I had a couple of contractors, but John has a whole team of contractors whose prices are great. For example, for air conditioning and a new furnace, my guy wanted to charge $4,500 and John’s contractor quoted the job for $2,250. Need I say any more? I will probably wind up netting $20,000-$25,000 profit on the deal.”
– Ray Contee, Realtor and ProfitableProperty Partner

“It’s really good to have someone to run the numbers by and ask whether it’s a good deal because I’m still learning what values are in the market. It’s nice to have someone tell you that the numbers work, go ahead and get the contract.”
– Sharon White, Former British Embassy Staffer and Current ProfitableProperty Partner (with husband Ben)

“John has taught me a lot. A year-and-a-half ago I had no idea how this business worked. Our last deal together went very well. The property was sold without a hassle and we all did very well financially.”
– Wen Lee, Entrepreneur and ProfitableProperty Partner

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