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One of John Peterson’s passions is to teach investors multiple strategies to locate distressed property.

One of the most profitable strategies is to work with personal representatives of estates. After taking the weekend training, Randy Boehm started his direct mail campaign to personal representatives of estates by using letters and postcards to introduce himself and his services to the representatives.

After meeting and negotiating with a personal representative on an estate property in Gaithersburg, Maryland, Randy decided to give the lead to ProfitableProperty for a Bird Dog fee of $5,000.00. After analyzing the numbers and renovation, Randy had concluded the property made sense to hold as a long-term rental but was not a candidate to buy, renovate, and sell.

ProfitableProperty bought and renovated the house using private investor funds and then refinanced with a local bank. The property is currently rented on a two-year lease for $1,350.00 a month. It generates a small positive cash flow and will qualify for a 1031 tax-free exchange, which will defer the taxes on the profit. The property was recently appraised at $240,000.

For ProfitableProperty and Randy Boehm, it was a win-win situation. In our book, that’s what Bird Dogging is all about.

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