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ProfitableProperty not only provides a smart alternative for financial investors, but we also provide funding and financing for real estate investment projects in the Washington, D.C. metro area.

Our extensive base of financial resources provides you with fast turnaround and competitive rates on “hard money” loans. We call it OPM. You probably think this stands for “Other People’s Money.” Yes and no. We’ve taken this acronym one step further. At ProfitableProperty, OPM stands for “Other Profitable Money.”

As a real estate investor, OPM from ProfitableProperty gives you the following advantages in the marketplace:

  • Fast turnaround gives you more opportunities to capitalize on time critical real estate deals

  • Documentation requirements are reduced

  • Loan-to-value ratios are flexible

Join the growing number of ProfitableProperty financing partners who have learned how to accelerate their real estate investment success by using OPM (Other Profitable Money).

For fast access to cost-effective funding, all it takes for your NEXT STEP is one click. Go to the Apply Now page of this Website. Fill out the Funding Form online and submit as directed (or fax it to us at 301-881-5542). We will contact you to discuss the deal.

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